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Premier Global Destinations for the Discerning Sportsman

elegant argentinan estancia

A Note on Accommodations:

Destinations will vary. Call us for the specifics of each lodge.

premier elegance

  • 5-star luxury resorts

  • Chef-prepared meals

refined country

  • Tasteful, refined accommodations

  • Professionally prepared meals

rustic comfort

  • Quaint, comfortable accommodations

  • Home-cooked meals

Understand how Jeri and her team continue to inspect each destination personally to ensure their most stringent requirements are met. By blending these high standards with the clear understanding of each customers’ unique wishes, they continue to deliver remarkable experiences even after 4 decades of leading the sporting travel industry.

Geo Domes in New Zealand

choose your experience

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do you know


Paragon of travel?


Unquestionably, our 40+ year pledge

to sportsmen & sportswomen across the globe

is the reason why so many have put

a lifetime of trust in us.


William Braden | January 2021 | 5.0 Stars

I will say this...Jeri has a very loyal following of dedicated hunters who trust in her judgment and honest assessment of finding quality destinations and taking care of every detail that comes up.

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