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Exceptional sporting destinations

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Young man fly fishing

Understand how over the past 4 decades,

Jeri Booth and her team have mastered the art

of offering distinct outdoor experiences by above all,

understanding clearly the unique demands and requirements

of each one of their valued guests.

DCA Paragon of Travel

Unquestionably, our 40+ year pledge to sportsmen & sportswomen across the globe is the reason why so many have placed a lifetime of trust in us.


Experience the Ultimate in
Hunting and Fishing Trips 

Hunting with dogs in ireland

Outstanding! Detail Staff, all is well here. Just finished the driven shoot...Outstanding venue!

A. B. | November 2019 | 5.0 Stars

This Week's Highlights
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Are you aware of the wild pheasants in Romania?

wingshooting in romania

We have recently added Romania to our list of safe, well-organized, and wild destinations. Enjoy 100% wild pheasants, migrating quail, geese, pigeons, and waterfowl. This is a truly unique location offering an authentic sporting experience off-the-beaten-path.  Our team will be over there soon and offer you our first reports!

trout pulling endlessly in argentina

fly fishing in Argentina

Our newest lodge in the heart of Patagonia has just reported larger than average trout this season. The dry fly fishing has been very good and with new fly patterns recently developed, your guides will ensure beautiful trout pull endlessly at the end of your line.

Uncover our driven game experience in France

Castle in France

We have just uncovered this hidden gem, less than 2 hours outside of Paris, offering a most fast-action driven shoot in the French country side. You will enjoy the richest tradition while engaging in diverse shooting situations, all within a short distance of the castle. Learn more soon!

Mountain lake fishing


Great Job! Donna & I enjoyed our trip with Kevin so very much in 2019 that we are planning our trip back for 2021/2022. No detail was left undone.

Foster | February 2020 | 5.0 Stars

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